Massage for Low Back Pain

Morgan Sutherland, Owner of Morgan Massage in Watertown, MA massages a client’s low back. Morgan discusses the common causes of low back pain and explains how the combination of Massage and Medicupping can help decrease low back pain.

A recent study published in the the Annals of Internal Medicine has proven that massage is not only more effective than doctor prescribed pain killers and physical therapy, but can reduce low back pain in just 10 weeks!

CLICK HERE to read more about the study…

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Knee Repair and more! Intense pain in my left knee when walking or going up and down stairs. That was my first complaint to Morgan. I did not want another knee surgery at 40 years old, so massage was my answer. After first visit the pain subsided 90% and after follow ups I am now back to running long distance with no pain. I now look forward to a sprain or pulled muscle as an excuse to go back.

- A.B.