Sports Massage Watertown Ma

Morgan Sutherland, Owner Morgan Massage, performs a sports massage on a competitive cyclist and discusses the benefits of sports massage and how his training at China’s Olympic Training Center shaped his sports massage practice. After watching this video, you’ll quickly realize why Morgan Morgan provides the best sports massage Watertown MA has to offer.

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My 57 year old muscles and joints need to be kneaded! I have seen Morgan 5 times. He helped my ankle..problem solved! Helped my chronic Occipital (base of skull) pain let’s say by 90% in (2) 90 minute sessions and now he is treating my left hip pain, and after just one 90 minute session I have relief! This is healing and rejuvenating deep massage, the best I have had from all over the map! Morgan is very strong at assessing and always works in the moment with the right therapy for your issues.

- Danne