The Best Sports Massage Watertown Has To Offer

Are you an aching athlete looking for the best sports massage Watertown has to offer?

If you are an athlete looking for the best sports massage Watertown has to offer, then you are probably wondering what a sports massage can actually do for you. Though many people will get a massage simply because it “feels good” there are actually many benefits to having a sports massage. As athletes are known to put their bodies through intense workouts, it is only commonsense to have them repaired. A healthy diet and good rest are great ways to recover but often times an athlete just a needs a good sports massage to be able to feel refreshed and ready to compete again. Here are a few benefits that a sports massage can give you.

Sports massage allows the muscles to move more freely, preventing injuries and speeding recovery time between workouts. This is done through a variety of warming and energizing massage strokes that loosen overworked muscles and flush out toxins.  Sports Massage is great for both serious athletes and weekend warriors.

Sports Massage is perfect for injury-prone athletes like runners and cyclists, helping to loosen up their tight muscles and increases the blood flow to the injured areas. With all the repetitive swinging and twisting motions they put their bodies through, Golfers and tennis players benefit greatly from regular sport massage. Often times a golfer or tennis player will have a lot of massage work done on their backs, as these areas often take the brunt of muscular tension, leaving them tight and sore. Sports massage  keeps their muscles well conditioned, healthy and injury-free.

Morgan gave me a great sports massage. He focused on my IT band on my right leg and it was very effective. The next day I felt great! I ran the Boston Marathon on Mon the 18th and had Morgan give me a sports massage on Fri that week. It hurt, but that’s exactly what is effective. I highly recommend Morgan.

– Jonathan Steckel

Getting a sport massage is also a great way to gain a competitive advantage, as you will be able to recover faster thus allowing  you to practice more. As most athletes know, the more you practice the better you will get.  If you are serious about trying to find the best sport massage Watertown has to offer, then you should definitely check out Morgan Massage.

In the video below, Morgan Sutherland, Owner Morgan Massage of Watertown, MA performs a sports massage on a competitive cyclist and discusses the benefits of sports massage and how his training at China’s Olympic Training Center shaped his sports massage practice.

Got Leg Cramps? Sports Massage can Help!

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Completely loosened up, what a relief! So knowledgeable, he helped sort out some of the problems that have been bothering me for months. Great experience.

- C.R.