Reduce Your Back Pain in 7 Simple Steps


Young man with back pain isolated in white

Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million people each year.  Chronic pain is classified as pain that persists for 30 to 60 days or more.

Lower back pain is the most common kind of chronic pain complaint. When the body’s pain signals keep firing in the nervous system for this length of time, it can have a draining effect on a person’s quality of life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are the 7 Steps To Reduce Your Back Pain:

Step 1: Stop Slouching!

Step 2: Check Your Bed

Step 3: If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Wear It

Step 4: Strong To The Core of Your Being

Step 5: McKenzie Back Exercises (Sorry, no witty title)

Step 6: Some Like it Hot!

Step 7: The Magic Touch

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Morgan is a highly skilled masseur with a great deal of experience, and an amazing range of expertise in different massage techniques and traditions. He combines thorough knowledge of anatomy and musculature with excellent instincts and intuition for reading the body. I went to him several times with activity-related injuries (a back problem from skiing, a shoulder injury, etc) and each time, he was able to figure out a treatment that improved my mobility and decreased my pain significantly. I have referred several friends to him, and they have had similar experiences. His office is bright and spotlessly clean, and I suspect anyone would feel comfortable with and confident in his treatment. Best of all, he is a true professional–prompt, efficient, thorough–and seems to really care about the needs, health, and comfort of his clients.

- Steve McCauley