Hip Strengthening Program Improves Low Back Pain

hip strengthening low back

Low back pain has been said to occur in 80% of the population at one time or another. Recently, hip abductor weakness has been implicated as a factor in chronic low back pain. Gluteus medius weakness is thought to result from poor lateral hip stabilization during single-leg stance, leading to abnormal loading of the lumbar spine.


A Canadian research study was recently conducted on hip abductor weakness in patients with non-specific low back pain. Patients with low back pain performed a 3-week home-based hip abductor strengthening program with an elastic band. The patients performed hip abduction in the frontal plane and hip abduction with the leg in 45 degrees of extension.

The researchers found that after the 3-week exercise intervention, the subjects with low back pain significantly improved in hip abductor strength (12%) and had a 48% reduction in low back pain.

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