Deep Tissue Massage for Runners: Optimal Injury Prevention!

Deep Tissue Massage for Runners: Optimal Injury Prevention!

Are you an aching athlete looking for the best kind of injury prevention?

Morgan Massage specializes in Deep Tissue Massage for Runners!

As runners are known to put their bodies through intense workouts, it is only common sense to have them repaired. A healthy diet and good rest are great ways to recover, but often times an athlete just needs a good deep tissue massage to be able to feel refreshed and ready to compete again.

Though many people will get a massage simply because it “feels good”, a serious runner needs more than a simple snooze and drool experience. Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for injury-prone athletes like runners, helping to loosen up their tight muscles and increases the blood flow to the injured areas.

Running requires sustained, repetitive muscle contraction that shorten the muscle tissues, resulting in muscle soreness, fatigue and potential injury.  With all the repetitive pounding runners put their bodies through, they can greatly benefit from regular Deep Tissue Massage. Often times a runner will have a lot of massage work done on their legs, as these areas often take the brunt of muscular tension, leaving them tight and sore.  Deep Tissue Massage keeps a runner’s muscles well conditioned, healthy and injury-free.

I am a runner and I had just had a really hard race the day before getting this massage. I went online in the AM to check availability and was able to book for that same afternoon. The massage was a reward to myself for running a personal best time, and it is also a part of my training for optimal recovery and function. I highly recommend Morgan Massage to other runners/athletes.

– Lacey H.

The Effects of Massage Are Cumulative

This means that the effects increase with sequential, repetitive massages. Receiving one massage prior to a race will not reap the same benefits as a regular program of massage therapy. Second, massage therapy works best as an injury prevention program. Once an athlete sustains an actual injury, seeking medical attention comes first. Only after a proper diagnosis and treatment can physical therapy and/or massage therapy become part of the recovery and rehabilitation process. Remember, it is better to try to avoid problems in the first place, rather than trying to fix them once they arise.

Getting a Deep Tissue Massage is also a great way to gain a competitive advantage, as you will be able to recover faster thus allowing  you to practice more. As most athletes know, the more you practice the better you will get.  If you are serious about trying to find the best Massage for Runners, then you should definitely check out Morgan Massage.

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I always prefer Asian styles of massages much better than some experiences I had here when the therapists just stroked aimlessly. I was already happy 5 minutes after I lied on Morgan’s massage table. The pressure with the right strength applied precisely on the right spots had the wonderful effect of breaking open the blockages over the circulation flow.

- T.Y.