Sports and Orthopedic Cupping

Alien Crop Circles or Cupping Marks?

Sports and Orthopedic Cupping

The use of Cupping is commonplace throughout the history of the Olympic Games for maintenance, pre and post event injuries, detoxification and recovery.

Sports cupping can significantly speed up the recovery time after an athlete’s hard workout, flushing out toxins before soreness sets in.

Besides using cupping for injuries and recovery, Olympic Trainers use it to remove toxins that their swimmers’ skin absorb from the pools that they spend hours in.

Unfortunately the use of photos (like the one above) are sometimes used to scare people away from receiving a treatment.

The Cupping Marks- Crop Circles or signs of Detoxification?

Dead cellular debris, poisons, stagnation and excess fluids drawn to the surface sometimes leave deposits under the skin, which, short of cutting the skin and pulling it out, is the best place for the lymphatic system to drain it away.

Cumulative cupping treatments increase muscle endurance, circulation, lung capacity, lymphatic drainage and health maintenance during strenuous activities. Many professional athletes incorporate massage cupping into their training to enhance their overall performance, agility and ability to recover from their sports.

Orthopedic Cupping (a.k.a Deep Tissue Cupping)

The negative pressure of orthopedic cupping rapidly removes muscle adhesions by lifting and releasing contracted and restricted muscles up and away from the underlying structures. Cupping increases blood flow, bringing healthy nutrients to the ischemic muscle tissue.

Once tight and aching muscles become softened with orthopedic cupping, lengthening connective tissue thus activating the secretion of synovial fluids to release joint stiffness.

Stubborn conditions that may have been present for decades are easily resolved with orthopedic cupping and proper range of motion is restored.

Orthopedic Cupping effectively treats Rotator Cuff, Piriformis Sydrome, Sciatica, ITB Syndrome, Calf Pain & Plantar Fasciitis.

Watch the video below to see how I blend deep tissue massage and cupping.

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