Lomi Lomi Massage in Watertown, MA


Take a Mini-Vacation to Hawaii for a fraction of the cost and without getting on an airplane. 

Huh? You’re probably thinking, “How’s that even possible?”  Let me explain.

There’s no doubt that Hawaii is an ideal vacation spot, but getting there can be costly and time-consuming.

And when you think of a tropical paradise with sandy beaches, palm trees, coconuts and beautiful sunsets, Watertown, Massachusetts hardly comes to mind.

Be that as it may, Morgan Sutherland, Owner of Morgan Massage in Watertown, MA specializes in a Hawaiian- style Lomi Lomi Massage, which can transport you to the deepest depths of relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Massage is a Hawaiian massage technique that melts muscle spasms and stimulates the lymphatic system. The massage focuses on breaking up congested areas in the body, dispersing toxins with rhythmic, dance-like motions using the forearms and hands. Recipients of a Lomi Lomi Massage often experience a deep sense of harmony and balance.

So, if your muscles are sore and tired and your body’s begging you for a mini stress-busting vacation, then schedule the best Lomi Lomi Massage Watertown, MA has to offer.

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I never walked out of Morgan Message NOT feeling better than when I walked in. That’s why I’ve booked myself in over 15 sessions to date. Morgan is truly passionate about his craft (hey, he even went all the way to China to learn new techniques) and he’s truly dedicated to providing excellent service every time. I don’t know many who can match him. I def. recommend him to anyone looking for a great message.

- Nurradin Abo