How To Get Rid of Rounded Shoulders in 7 Easy Moves

how to get rid of rounded shoulders

How To Get Rid of Rounded Shoulders in 7 Moves

When I hear the word, “Bad Posture”, there are 2 things that immediately come to mind…

Number one is Forward head posture and number two is rounded shoulders.

I’ve covered 5 steps to fix forward head posture in a previous article, but in this article I’m going to cover how to get rid of rounded shoulders in 7 moves.

As you lean closer and closer to your computer monitor and your shoulders begin to slouch, you subconsciously adjust the position of your head and fix your gaze to look straight.

This leads to a muscular imbalance and excessive shortening (contracts) of the posterior head and neck muscles, and forces the upper neck bones to protrude relatively forward resulting in rounded shoulder and rounded back.

How To Get Rid of Rounded Shoulders

Are you wearing your shoulders as earrings?

In order to reverse the skeletal defects of this hunched look and improve your upper body posture, you must first focus on TWO important things:

  1. Stretching your pectoral muscles (chest muscles)

  2. Strengthening your posterior scapular stabilizers (in other words, your upper back and shoulder muscles; namely your trapezius, rhomboids and levator scapulae)

Stretching your Pectoral Muscles

Clasp your hands together if you can, or just reach your hands back with your thumbs facing down.

Breath and hold for a count of 20 to 30 seconds.

Next, do the Doorway Stretch.

This exercise helps to loosen those tight chest muscles.

First, reach your arm outward 90 degrees. Then, place your hand on the doorjamb and lean forward.

Slowly, lean into your raised arm and push against the doorjamb for 7 to 10 seconds.

Relax and then stretch your bent arm back and stretch your chest for 7 to 10 seconds. Repeat this stretch two to three times.

Strengthening your Posterior Scapular Stabilizers

So in order to strengthen your posterior scapular stabilizers, you’re going to want to bring out the resistance bands.

A 2016 study published in Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that an elastic band exercise program consisting of 7 moves was effective for lengthening the pectoralis major and correcting rounded shoulder and forward head posture.

How To Get Rid of Rounded Shoulders in 7 Moves

Below you can find all 7 resistance band exercises.  Perform 15 repetitions per set and 3 sets in total.

Move # 1: Lat Pull Down

For the lat pull down, you’re going to want to attach the bands to a door jam with a Theraband door anchor.
Hold both ends of the elastic band while lifting the arms to shoulder width. They stretched the band slowly in both directions and pulled it down to their chest.

Move #2: Shoulder External Rotation

For this exercise bend your arms 90°and orient your palms toward the ceiling, while your elbows remain at the height of your waist.

Hold the elastic band and slowly stretch it while rotating your shoulders externally. Make sure not move the elbows forward.

Move #3: Shoulder Horizontal Abduction

Extend your arms in front of your body at 90° angle shoulder-width apart.

Keep your palms face down as you hold the elastic band. Now stretch the elastic band horizontally while making sure to keep your elbows straight.

Move #4: Seated Bend Row

Place the elastic band so that your feet are at the middle of the band. Then hold the ends of the elastic band. Now stretch the elastic band drawing your elbows back and shoulder blades together.

Move #5: Shoulder Abduction

Step on the elastic band with the foot on the same side being exercised.  Now hold the elastic band with one hand, and kept the hand low in neutral position. Then abduct the shoulder by bringing it out to the side with the elbows slightly bent.

Move #6:  Shoulder Flexion

For the shoulder flexion exercise, the subjects stepped on the elastic band with the foot on the side being exercised, held the elastic band with one hand, and kept the hand low in its neutral position. They then bent the arm forward with the elbow straightened.

Move #7:  Shoulder Extension

For the shoulder extension exercise, the examiner held one end of the elastic band, and the subject held the other. The subject started by holding the elastic band low in its neutral position, and then they extended the arm backward with the elbow straightened as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Now you should be noticing improved posture with less slouching and rounding of the shoulders.   Practice this resistance band home exercise 3 to 4 times per week and pretty soon everybody and their cousin will be complimenting you on your ideal posture.  The biggest favor you can give them is to share these powerful tips on how to get rid of rounded shoulders.

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