Back Pain Relief Book – Low Back Pain Survival Guide

back pain relief book

When back pain strikes, it can ruin your life. Reaching for painkillers and going the bed rest route can be ineffective and even dangerous for your health. A better option is to improve your flexibility and speed up your recovery time by following highly targeted exercises outlined in my back pain relief book, Low Back Pain Survival Guide.

Regular Exercise Prevents Back pain

Doctors might recommend numerous back pain exercises at home for people who have recently hurt their lower backs, suggesting they start with gentle movements and gradually build up the intensity.

Once the immediate pain goes away, following a regular regimen of back stretches and core strengthening exercises can help keep prevent back pain from coming back.

I Never Imagined I’d Ever Get Back Pain…

back pain relief book

I strained my lower back one hot summer day installing a 60-pound air conditioner. Nothing seemed to help it and the burning pain in my lower back became so unbearable that I hobbled to my doctor to get his assessment.

He set my fears aside, ruling out sciatica or disc herniation.  He told me what I was suffering from was mechanical low back pain.

As a practicing osteopath, my doctor had a more hands-on approach, so he performed a quick joint manipulation to correct my rotated pelvis.  I felt a little relief, but the lower back and hip pain on my left side was still noticeable.

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

My doctor then recommended a series of the core strengthening and lumbar stabilization exercises to do every day and told me within a few weeks I should be feeling like myself again.

I took action and practiced the lower back exercises at home once to twice a day.  Within 3 weeks, I was feeling stronger than I had before.

When I’d arrive home from my long work commute, getting out of my car was a breeze and my back didn’t flinch or spasm when my kids enthusiastically leaped into my arms.

back pain relief book

Low Back Pain Survival Guide is Born!

Inspired by my experience reversing my severe low back pain, and fueled by a vibrant enthusiasm to share these exercise routines with anyone who had back pain, I began to passionately research countless back pain exercises at home and learned a wealth of information.

What resulted from my nearly 9 months of research was an ebook I called the Low Back Pain Survival Guide.

back pain relief book

I’ve done the hard work of finding all the best exercises for lower back pain, so you don’t need to waste your time looking for which exercises are right for you.

What you DO need is the determination and willpower to do the back pain exercises at home.

I did them every day for 21 days, and BOOM—my back pain vanished, and I felt stronger than I did before. My back pain became a distant memory.

What’s Inside The Low Back Pain Survival Guide?

In my back pain relief book you will learn:

Three Bonus Reports

When you purchase the Low Back Pain Survival Guide, I’ll also send you these three bonus reports.


1.  Sciatica Pain Relief Shortcuts

2. Reverse Bad Posture in 15 Minutes

3. Twenty-One Back-Saving Yoga Poses

If you can make time to do a 25 to 30-minute back pain relief exercise routine every day, you’ll soon be on your way to feeling good again. It’s essential to feel your best to make the most of every day. Let me show you how to do that!

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