Deep Tissue Massage with Cupping Works Out The Knots

Deep Tissue Massage with Cupping Melts Stubborn Knots Like Nobody’s Business In today’s high stress culture, most people have a […]

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Celebrity Cupping Spotlight: Nicole Richie

The Celebs Are Falling In Love With This Ancient Healing Modality Celebrity Cupping is a sizzling topic on all the […]

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Victoria’s Real Secret For Back Pain is Cupping

Celebrity models might earn a pretty penny, but it comes with the price of countless hours of fitness training, strict […]

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Facial Cupping Lifts, Drains and Rejuvenates

  Facial Cupping Rejuvenates and Reduces TMJ & Sinus Relief! Women in Asia, Russia and Europe have been utilizing these […]

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Centuries Old Cupping Therapy Brings Relief According To Wall Street Journal

Cupping Therapy, commonly referred to as Cupping, has been around for thousands of years, and developed over time from the […]

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Lymphatic Cupping Massage Improves The Immune System

CUPPING THERAPY ASSISTS IN LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE! Compared to the tediously slow compression work of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping Therapy does the […]

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Sports and Orthopedic Cupping

Sports and Orthopedic Cupping The use of Cupping is commonplace throughout the history of the Olympic Games for maintenance, pre […]

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Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Work Using Cupping

Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Work Using Cupping When negative pressure Cupping Therapy is combined with range of motion exercises,  […]

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A Word On Cupping Marks

A Word on Cupping Marks

 The most common misunderstandings concerning Cupping is the misinterpretations of the marks that sometimes result. […]

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The History of Cupping Therapy

History of Cupping Therapy Cupping Therapy, commonly referred to as Cupping, has been around for thousands of years.  It developed […]

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Cupping Works Wonders for Jaw Pain Relief!

Attention Jaw Pain & Sinus Headache Sufferers:  Cupping Therapy Brings Instant Relief! The most common form of jaw pain is […]

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Massage Cupping Works Out The Knots!

Massage Cupping is an amazing healing modality adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves suction and negative pressure, rather than […]

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After years of living abroad where I’d come to embrace the European commitment to care of the external body as an essential part of our general well-being, I’ve been seeking a new massage therapist who embodies the same approach to Heath that I now believe in. After years of disappointment with various ‘massage therapists’, I was delighted to find the real thing in Morgan Massage: I arrived stressed and doubtful, and encountered a consummate and committed professional that I trusted immediately. After years of paying for superficial treatments, I was astonished to find long-neglected knots in my back disappear through his combined deep muscle therapies, which included a new and highly-effective treatment called ‘cupping’, which he explains in his highly-accessible blog.

Morgan’s varied approach left me with increased mobility and flexibility that I haven’t felt more than a decade. Nearly a week later I still feel the results of his work, and am now trying to get my husband and friends to go and see what I’m raving about. Morgan Massage provides European quality without the cost of a trip, so I’m pleased to say that my search for a regular massage therapist is over.

- Vanessa McClinchy