51 Rock Solid Reasons to Book A Massage

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Right After Exercise, Bugs Bunny Bounces Back With Massage

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How To Help Low Back Pain Relief

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Massage Gift Certificates Cure Holiday Stress

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9 Scientifically-Proven Health Benefits of Massage

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Emory University Study Proves Benefits of Regular Massage

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Massage Improves Neck Range of Motion

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Sore Muscle Relief For Weekend Warriors

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Growing Number Of Americans Are Seeking Out Massage For Pain Relief

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I have been going to Morgan for several years, and in that time I’ve also received massages from a number of other therapists. Morgan, quite simply, is the best. Period. He’s trained in multiple massage techniques, and utilizes whatever combination my (very cranky) back, head and limbs need at that particular time. He is friendly, professional, and committed to making sure his clients leave his office relaxed, refreshed, and better aligned.

- Catherine Bromberg