Celebrate Morgan Massage’s 13th Anniversary

October 25th marks my lucky 13th year as a massage therapist. I feel blessed to still love what I do- […]

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My First Professional Massage Story

Back in the year 2000, while enrolled at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, I was given a homework […]

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Morgan Massage Featured in Credits of PBS Documentary

Morgan Massage will be featured in the Special Thanks credits for the upcoming PBS documentary, Kind Hearted Woman, a five-hour […]

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You Say Massage Parlor, I Say Massage Practice

It might just be semantics, but there’s a big difference between being called a “masseuse” and operating a “massage parlor” […]

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Do Elephants Really Make Great Massage Therapists?

  What’s 37 years old, drinks gallons of water and can give a surprisingly effective deep tissue massage? It might […]

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I went for my first massage yesterday (a gift from a friend) and it was a good experience. Morgan is a serious guy and was able to fix a pain in my lower back/hip area in about 20 minutes… and I still feel better today. He is skilled and no-nonsense. He got right to work, and is pleasant but quiet. I liked that and I plan to go back.

- Sonia H.