Lymphatic Cupping Massage Improves The Immune System

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Compared to the tediously slow compression work of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping Therapy does the opposite.

Cupping stretches open the lymphatic vessels, rather than closing them. This action actually increases the movement of lymph locally and systemically with cumulative treatments.

Lymphatic Cupping Massage Improves The Immune System 

Increasing Lymphatic output increases the immune systems ability to detoxify the body and respond to stressors put onto it from disease, chemicals, stress and electromagnetic fields.

Healing After Surgery

Lymphatic cupping massage can greatly benefit pre- and post-operative conditions and helps to speed regeneration of tissues and cells.

Post surgery, a person should wait at least 6 weeks before getting a lymphatic cupping session, or until a doctor clears the patient to receive one.

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When a friend recommended Morgan Massage , I thought I would give it a try, and hoped I would find a solution to a handful of ongoing issues: shoulder tendinitis, hamstring injury, sacroiliaic joint pain and stiffness. A tall order!

As a Pilates teacher /Studio owner and busy mother of 3 girls, I needed the right professional to help me alleviate pain, create muscular symmetry, and just feel better in my body. My job requires this and and my family and I deserve this.

Morgan’s perfect blend of knowledge and experience have allowed me to move better and minimize discomfort. Scheduling is simple, parking is ample, and Morgans professionalism makes the whole experience just right.

- Donna Ognibene