Defeat Your Lower Back Pain With Superman Exercises!



Superman-Inspired Back Strengthening Exercises

Sitting and slouching over your computer, iPad or smart phone for hours at a time can easily lead to lower back pain, not to mention Smartphone Syndrome.

Superman Exercises to the rescue! We all know that Superman, A.K.A. the Man of Steel, can swoop up to tall buildings in a single bound, fly faster than a speeding train, but did you know that he can also banish your back pain?

What was that last thing? Banish your back pain? That’s right, if you do the following Superman-inspired back strengthening exercises, that lower back pain you feel, will be a distant memory.  It takes approximately 10 minutes.  You got 10 minutes, right?


First, kneel on your hands and knees.  Then, engage your core by raising and straightening your right leg while you raise your left arm in front of you.

Hold this pose for 10 seconds, and repeat the same thing on the other side- left leg and right arm. Do 5 sets.


Lie face down and get into a Plank position by bringing your elbows under your shoulders, keeping your back straight and rising up onto your elbows and toes. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 5 times. Modify the plank pose, if this is too hard, by keeping your knees down.


An alternate version of doing the previous Superman Exercises incorporates lying flat on your stomach.

Lie face down on your stomach with arms and legs extended. Keep your neck in a neutral position.

Keeping your arms and legs straight (but not locked) and torso stationary, simultaneously lift your arms and legs up toward the ceiling to form an elongated “u” shape with your body — back arches and arms and legs lift several inches off the floor.

Hold for two to five seconds and lower back down to complete one.  Do three sets of 12.

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Went in with persistent back pain for the first time in my life. After only a few visits, I left feeling back to normal (if not better). Gave helpful advice about exercises to do on my own to compliment the therapy.

- Jonathan R.