5 Steps to a Flat Belly

5 steps to a flat belly

Cat Vomit Exercise (aka Five Steps to a Flat Belly)

Want to learn 5 steps to a flat belly? In life-hacking author Tim Ferris’s book, The Four-Hour Body, he talks about building six-pack abs; the number one muscle you want to target is the deepest one, called the transverse abdominis (TA).

5 steps to a flat belly

Whenever you do a hard belly laugh or want to get someone’s attention by giving an “ahem” cough, that’s the TA working.

It’s situated right below the rectus abdominis, and it’s vital to core and back health, because it literally pulls in what would otherwise be a protruding abdomen. This is why its nicknamed the “corset muscle.”

5 steps to a flat belly

5 Steps to a Flat Belly- Step 1

Begin with the all-fours position, without arching your back or straining your neck.

5 Steps to a Flat Belly- Step 2

Vigorously exhale from your mouth until no more air comes out. You need to fully exhale in order to contract the transverse abdominals, and gravity will provide the resistance.

5 Steps to a Flat Belly- Step 3

Next, do the vacuum exercise by bringing your belly button upwards toward your spine as hard as you can for 8–12 seconds.

5 Steps to a Flat Belly- Step 4

As soon you’re finished with the 8–12 second hold, fully inhale through the nose.

5 Steps to a Flat Belly- Step 5

The final step is to take one breath cycle of rest, where you slowly exhale out of your mouth and inhale through the nose.
Repeat the above for a total of 10 repetitions.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 5 steps to a flat belly.  Building a daily habit of core strengthening exercises, like this one can help just start your metabolism.

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