Chair Massage

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Recent studies have shown that close to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints and over 50% of lost work days are stress-related.

Chair Massage increases an employee’s productivity, boosts morale, lessens stress and decreases absenteeism.

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed portable massage chair that can be used anywhere. An empty office or small conference room is ideal. It requires very little space and takes seconds to setup.

The massage recipient is seated comfortably in the chair in their full work attire. There are no oils or lotions used. The customary treatment lasts 15 minutes during which the therapist massages the employee’s neck, upper and lower back; releasing muscular tension and leaving the client invigorated and energized.

Morgan has provided chair massage at:

“Morgan’s Chair Massages have been a great addition to our supplemental benefit offering at Ardence, Inc. Morgan comes about once a quarter to offer on-site chair massages for our employees. This benefit not only allows our employees to relax, but also assists with ergonomic issues.”

– Adriana Lemaire, HR Manager, Ardence, Inc.

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“As a technology company of just under 100 employees, we hired Morgan Massage to provide seated chair massages over a 2-day period, at our office in Cambridge (80% men, 20% women). Morgan was very professional and was able to make each person feel extremely comfortable. He set-up quickly, his equipment was new and clean and he provided a nice touch of light music. He had no problem doing 20+, 15-minute chair massages throughout the day, and the last massage of the day was just as great as the first. I would highly recommend Morgan Massage for any company that is looking to reward it’s employees with a professional, relaxing and therapeutic experience!”

– Brightcove, November 2006

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Morgan has a keen sense of touch and evaluation of his client’s musculature. He performs a thorough and meticulious massage. I wanted a serious massage and I was like silly putty in his hands. He put me into another zone. I never felt any better!

- James C